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Elder Law: Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration, Conservatorship, Guardianships, and Medicaid Planning in Colorado

Experienced Northglenn elder law attorney providing services since 1998

Whether you find yourself in a moment of crisis or you’re simply planning ahead, an experienced attorney can help you establish a firm foundation for your future and the futures of your loved ones. At Katrina S. Jones PC, I’ve spent more than 15 years navigating the complexities of estate planning, probate and trust administration, conservatorship and guardianships, and Medicaid applications. I develop individualized solutions by laying the groundwork for sound personal and financial decision-making, and I help my clients discover the peace of mind of proper planning.

Personalized solutions and personable service

At Katrina S. Jones PC, I am well versed in the legal complications and tough decisions facing Colorado’s elderly, uniquely able and their loved ones.

I offer the following distinctive benefits:

  • Forward thinking and preparation: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which is why I develop estate, probate, and Medicaid planning solutions with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Personalized and focused planning: By concentrating on a select few areas of law and as a sole practitioner, I am able to offer you solutions that are unique to your needs.
  • Attentive and informed service: I listen to your needs and get to know you and your situation while offering affordable solutions.   

A single-focus law firm with knowledge and foresight

Whether you have no children, young children, or your children are retirement age, I know you worry about your future and how to best secure your assets. Regardless of your circumstances, I’m committed to offering you legal advice that matches your situation:

  • Estate planning - wills, trusts and powers of attorney: These are documents that put your wishes in writing. They are necessary not only to manage your property, but also to make decisions for you when you cannot speak for yourself so the individuals you choose can provide for you without court involvement. Special attention should be paid to beneficiaries who are on need-based public benefits.
  • Probate and trust administration: I offer guidance whether for small, medium and large probate and trust administration. An administration involves several steps including the collection of assets, resolution of debts and distribution to beneficiaries or heirs.
  • Conservatorships and guardianships: From the initial petitions to the annual reporting, I offer services on uncontested conservatorships and guardianships.
  • Medicaid planning and applications: From clarifying guidelines on avoidance of estate recover, such as a son or daughter who live with a parent and provide care that keeps a parent's home, proper spend downs treatment of income for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), my to restructuring assets, my services help you navigate complicated benefit rules.

Put a plan in place today — and protect yourself and your loved ones tomorrow

At Katrina S. Jones PC in Northglenn, whether you are ready to start the planning process or you are just looking to explore your options, I offer reasonable and straightforward fees. Call 720-441-1715 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation.