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Trust Lawyer Handling Administration Needs for Families in Colorado

Experienced trust lawyer in Northglenn offering individualized plans since 1998

At Katrina S. Jones PC, I've spent more than 15 years navigating Colorado's families through the complex and sometimes contentious matters of trust administration. From marshaling and valuating assets to distributing property, and managing the expectations of beneficiaries, I provide you with legal advice tailored to your situation. As a solo practitioner, I am able to personally assist with all administration needs.

Trust administration to guide you from start to finish

The process of trust administration is generally private – outside of court supervision. The trustee is charged with collecting, liquidating, managing, and then distributing the assets of a trust according to the provisions of the trust. I understand that every trust is unique.

Administration of family, living, charitable and special needs trusts

The responsibilities of a trustee can be daunting, from accounting for and securing assets to providing periodic reports to beneficiaries. Some types of trusts I assist trustees with include:

  • Grantor: A grantor trust is a type of trust where the maker (settler, grantor, trustor) is also a primary beneficiary. Most of these trusts start as a “revocable” or “living” trust that the grantor can alter or amend. This type of trust normally becomes irrevocable when the grantor no longer has capacity to make changes or passes away. The administration of an irrevocable trust is similar to a probate administration but without the involvement of the courts.
  • Special needs: This is a unique trust that allows the beneficiary to maintain eligibility for Medicaid, SSI, and other need-based public benefits while holding assets for expenditures for things that are not basic needs.

Get thorough administration guidance from a seasoned trust attorney in Northglenn, CO

Trust administration can be a difficult task — but it's not one you need to bear alone. Call Katrina S. Jones PC at (303) 252-1012 or contact me online for your free consultation. I offer straightforward reasonable fees and written fee agreements. My office is located along the Boulder-Denver Corridor, with excellent parking and proximity to the RTD Park-N-Ride.