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Conservatorship and Guardianship Attorney Offering Individualized Care in Northglenn

Protecting clients' loved ones with uncontested conservatorship and guardianship services

At times, an adult can become incapable of making decisions for personal and financial matters, or may become vulnerable to individuals who are trying to take advantage of their impairments. At Katrina S. Jones PC, I've spent more than 15 years helping clients establish conservatorship or guardianship to safeguard their loved ones using court-supervised conservatorships and guardianships. Not everyone is able to execute a power of attorney to avoid a conservatorship and guardianship, and sometimes a power of attorney can have a defect that makes the protective proceeding unavoidable. I can provide guidance to navigate an uncontested conservatorship and guardianship case, as well as other estate planning matters.

Conservatorship and guardianship

A conservatorship is established only by a court. The appointed person, the conservator, assumes the management responsibilities of the estate of a protected person' assets. Reasons for conservatorship can include a disability such as dementia due to Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, or chronic drug or alcohol abuse and has property in need of protection. Colorado court grants guardianship for the purpose of making personal decisions, such as where a person will live and who the caregivers will be. Conservatorship and guardianship are also referred to as protective proceedings. As a solo attorney experienced in these protective proceedings, Katrina S. Jones PC guides you through the petitioning and annual reporting for uncontested proceedings.

Need to initiate protective proceedings, but don't know where to start?

While working closely with you to plan ahead to prevent an emergency, I can explain the procedures and necessary pleadings such as the Petition, Notice of Hearing, Acceptance of Office, criminal background checks, and credit reports. Additionally, my firm in Northglenn can provide you with assistance regarding the following:

Reports and documents: Depending on the orders of the court, you may need to file an initial report. On an annual basis, a Conservator is required to file a Conservator's Report (JDF 885), and a Guardian is required to file a Guardian's Report (JDF 836 for minors and JDF 850 for adults). With your assistance and cooperation, these reports can be filed timely to prevent a show cause order or removal from your appointment as Conservator or Guardian.

Work with a compassionate lawyer in Northglenn, CO

Whether you're worried about a minor who needs assistance, a child reaching adulthood or an elderly parent losing their abilities, I am committed to helping you achieve a resolution that fits your situation. Call Katrina S. Jones PC at 303-252-1012 or contact me online for your free consultation. My Northglenn office is located along the Boulder-Denver Corridor, with easy parking.


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