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In the event of a loved one's death, you deserve time to grieve and deal with the emotional impact — time you may not want to spend hours trying to understand probate laws and procedures. At Katrina S. Jones PC, I've spent more than 20 years guiding fiduciaries and family members through Colorado's probate laws and procedures, from identifying and inventorying the assets of the deceased to resolving creditor issues, and distributing the estate assets to beneficiaries. I personally address all your needs with the diligence and compassion so necessary during the trying times surrounding probate.

Attorney easing the burden of probate process

Probate refers to the process of tying up the financial affairs of an estate and enabling the distribution of related assets to beneficiaries after someone passes away, with or without a will. Basic probate in the state of Colorado is controlled under The Uniform Probate Code and, unlike trust administration, requires varying levels of court involvement. The probate process is handled by the personal representative, who steps into the shoes of the decedent and exercises fiduciary responsibilities to interested parties, such as the creditors, beneficiaries or heirs. While the state's Uniform Probate Code establishes a relatively efficient and inexpensive probate process, complications can arise, even with a will in place.

Probate administration when details matter

As an estate planning lawyer in Colorado, I fully outline all hourly fees, expected costs and court fees for probate. I explain how to identify and inventory assets and divide them. My services address preliminary issues such as:

  • Is probate necessary: If probate assets total less than a specific amount, and there is no real property to be re-titled, an Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property is the most appropriate method of handling the estate.
  • Formal or informal: You have the option of choosing a formal or informal probate administration. In some cases, informal probate is unavailable, for example if the will has irregularities or there are disagreements about the will's validity. Starting out with the correct choice between formal and informal procedures can help the administration be as smooth as possible. A skilled Colorado probate lawyer can help you make these assessments.
  • Personal representative responsibilities: From notifying heirs to settling the financial matters of the estate, I will advise you on guidelines for carrying out duties and responsibilities to the estate.

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Probate is a process you shouldn't have to go through alone. When you find yourself in need of probate assistance, I offer clear and straightforward fee agreements tailored to your needs. Call Katrina S. Jones PC at (303) 252-1012 or contact me online for your free consultation.